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What does cloud hosting mean?



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What about cloud hosting?


The cloud is a cluster of networks joined together which function as groups created from multiple servers working together. Using cloud computing allows users to access applications or files in the same manner. Anywhere and anytime in the world with practically any device. This helps eliminate physical server management or running software applications on our own machines. Most notable example, Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, etc. These tools are great role models of showing how things work.   

Cloud hosting and traditional hosting


A traditional style of web hosting is mainly hosted and run through a physical server with a single data center. Everything runs back and forth through the server on the same system, both your file and database. There are many types of traditional hosting, shared, vps, and dedicated hosting. It doesn’t matter which hosting you’re on as all of them work relatively identical.

On the other hand, Cloud hosting is not hosted on a single server. It uses Cloud Technology, by bringing multiple servers from different locations and connecting them together. This results in a quicker and simultaneous working process which is beneficial to both users and hosting providers.      

Advantages of cloud hosting


Using cloud hosting is an excellent choice for your site. As it’s more well-known today and has lots of perks compared to traditional hosting .

If you are looking for a solution for a better optimized WordPress site of yours, then working with an experienced cloud hosting provider is definitely the way to go! So, let’s look at what cloud hosting has to offer and how it can benefit you.

Reliability and security


With cloud hosting, you will have better access to several servers with less downtime and incredible speed throughout the network. Pretty amazing right? 

When something goes wrong, a cluster of servers are able to rectify and relieve problems by themselves. Although it may sound similar to how shared hosting works between different servers, you can select either public or private networks with cloud configuration.

Some information is best to keep it confidential. It’s not a good idea to go online giving out your important information to the public. Using private cloud hosting can really improve your security and privacy. While public cloud hosting may have less protection and management for your information, it’s still considered better than traditional hosting layout systems. Nonetheless, both of them are decent choices for everybody’s demands. 

Scalability and flexibility


Because the network of servers can use resources between themselves differently, this means your site is automatically set up to grow with you and your business. Just the opposite is also true. Say you did an audit and want to delete a bunch of content, your site can easily and quickly scale down with you, too.

Adding and decreasing server space only takes seconds without all the complications that can come with traditional hosting. This means your web infrastructure is as flexible as you are!

Some cloud hosting platforms provide auto-scaling for you. When resources are being used by different servers, your site is set to bounce up and down like a yo-yo along with your business. Flexibility wise in brief, you’ll get for what you only paid for. When traffic rises, resources are scaled up, and with that you pay the extra. Once traffic decreases, resources are scaled down, you pay less. Seems like a fair deal.

How to pick the right cloud host for your site


As we are all aware, cloud hosting is now a big part of building websites. But how do you choose the right host for you as they all have so many great features provided. The answer is simple, choose the host that is suited for your setup and a requisite background of your site.

If you are looking for someone to give some weight to your business, managed hosting is a great solution to consider. As you are too busy working and dealing with your business, this will help you save a lot of time with services and support  from a team of professionals.

There are many managed hosts that can provide solutions to your needs. Some major things to look for are reliability of the platform, outstanding support, and prior experience in the business. However, it all comes down to your preference for enhancing your site. Hopefully, this will give you better understanding and the courage to try out cloud hosting! 

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Published on June 15, 2022

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